Friday, January 31, 2014

The Inigo Martinez Speculative Rip of the Week: Selemani Ndikumana

That's the most multicultural headline I've ever written.

Recently, Burundi played Mauritania in a matchup of countries that you might miss if you were taking Sporcle's Countries of the World quiz. The captain of this Burundish side is a man named Selemani Ndikumana, which I'm assuming is pronounced "Sell uh man ee En dick you man ah." Riveting stuff.

Like I said, he's the captain, and apparently a worthy one if he produces efforts like this. Don't be alarmed by the missile speeding across your screen at the beginning of the clip - it's just the ball going to its natural home. The whole clip is great - from the slow-mo replay of what looks to be a giant tennis ball rocketing into the upper corner to the uber slow-mo (and unnecessarily zoomed-in) replay of Ndikumana's teammates celebrating like college benchwarmers after a posterization.

Anyway, here's the rip. Speculative in nature, successful in results.

UPDATE: After some quick Google/Wikipedia sleuthing, I've determined that this was a BIG goal - a game-winning strike in the 4th minute of extra time that gave Burundi the victory in the group stage of the African Nations Championship - which I guess is different than the African Cup of Nations somehow.

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