Monday, October 29, 2012

If You Like Sci-Fi,

Read this.

A friend gave me the full text of Diamond Dogs early last year, bootlegged and printed in the computer center, all 85ish pages of it. I read it in about two nights. This story has got it all: suspense, action, romance, betrayal, math, space travel, human cyborgification, etc. That's right, even math. In fact, the story's kinda based on math. But don't let that scare you.

Find this story and read it. You'll understand.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Official Greek Yogurt Power Rankings

Greek yogurt is hot right now. Like, "Hansel" hot.

I started really hearing about it maybe three years ago, when a low, tub-shaped container appeared in the refrigerated section of my local dining hall. The substance therein  turned out to be something called Chobani, and bitches went APESHIT for it. Sometime during senior year, the Chobani truck must have been raided on the way to BC by a clan of calorie-counting sophomores, because the dining halls were barren of the stuff for a few days. The outcry was similar to what I'd expect if BC suddenly destroyed their WiFi servers.

I never tried it, even though I know several people who ate nothing but Chobani all day erryday. Recently, I've started seeing ads for a variety of different Greek yogurts. Having nothing much else to do in my unemployed state, I have given most of them a shot. Here are the official power rankings of greek yogurt.

List of Things About Which I Shall Blog

  • Sports
  • Music (mine and other people's)
  • The geography of Westeros/Essos, Middle Earth, and the Dune universe, and how that applies to pro/antagonists (actually - I have a cool theory)
  • Short stories (mine and other people's)
  • Fashion (Not actually - I have fashion sense like Snooki has common sense)
  • Random things that crop up in the ol' skull

This Blog Thing

I've decided to start a blog. That much should be obvious, since you're here and reading it.

Sometimes I have these ideas, and I've decided to put them down on paper. Or in print at least. A lot of the ideas are things that I would have brought up with roommates or friends in college, and would have led to lengthy discussions around the Monopoly table or rehearsal room (I was in an a cappella group... more on that later). Since I'm not privy to the kinds of high-caliber intellectual banter that we regularly engaged in, I'll be posting some of these ideas here.

I didn't know what to call this, but I settled on "Musings" since it seems vaguely casual, but also might make you envision someone thoughtfully smoking a pipe while contemplating the inherent sexual prejudice of 17th-century French poetry. Or something.

Additionally, "Musings" sounds somewhat like "amusing," which I hope to be, somewhat like "music," which I hope to post, and is part of the title of one of my favorite running segments on Dirty Tackle: Random Musings of Footballers Before They Fall Asleep.

So there you have it. Off and running. Hoping to be posting with some regularity (I am unemployed, after all).