Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Month Ever

I'm having the undisputed best month ever. Let's review the tape.

  • Got my first paycheck for the new job.
  • Got to watch the Red Sox play the Yanks on my brand new HD tv while working from home
  • Played music for some people and got paid for it
  • Then went to a friends house and played more music/ hung out with friends
  • Then watched the Final 4 and played beer pong
  • Then watched the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of the best show ever aka GAME OF THRONES
  • Currently have the Red Sox home opener on the tv while working
  • Tonight, going to watch the National Championship with some friends at a bar
    • If Michigan wins, I win 2 of my 3 bracket pools and collect upwards of $150
  • Tomorrow, playing a soccer game
  • Thursday-Sunday is the 20th anniversary of the founding of my college a cappella group, the BC Acoustics, and there are like 7 events spread out over the 5 days where we are going to have the most fun ever had by any single group of people. 
  • Monday is marathon Monday aka early sox game and marathon coverage
  • Next weekend Sarah and I are going to Falmouth for a little weekend getaway, where we can hang out and go to dinner and lunch and sightsee etc
Great month, eh?

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