Friday, February 1, 2013

Ray Bradbury is Amazing

I just discovered Ray Bradbury within the past few months. I wish I knew him as more than the guy who wrote "Fahrenheit 451" while I was still in school, because I would have told every person I passed on the street to read his work. His books are incredible, whether sci-fi ("Something Wicked This Way Comes") or not ("Death is a Lonely Business"). He has the ability to describe things in very basic language and few words, and simultaneously give the reader an incredible emotional response. 

This passage is from one of his short stories, where the main character has lost everything and lives only with his many dogs and assorted animals. Despite his situation, he is the only happy man in the story because he is a singer, and he goes around town singing to everyone while they all watch.

"'What do I have that I can let people take away without hurting me? What can I give that I can still keep?'

And the answer, of course, was his talent.

My talent! Thought Pietro. The more you give away, the better it is, the more you have. Those with talent must mind the world."
It's these kinds of observations and comments that make Bradbury so special. It's the same thing with a good comedian. They bring things to your attention that you already knew, but couldn't articulate. Next time you're at the local library (if you still go to those things), pick up a book of his short stories. You'll be happy.  

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