Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Blog Thing

I've decided to start a blog. That much should be obvious, since you're here and reading it.

Sometimes I have these ideas, and I've decided to put them down on paper. Or in print at least. A lot of the ideas are things that I would have brought up with roommates or friends in college, and would have led to lengthy discussions around the Monopoly table or rehearsal room (I was in an a cappella group... more on that later). Since I'm not privy to the kinds of high-caliber intellectual banter that we regularly engaged in, I'll be posting some of these ideas here.

I didn't know what to call this, but I settled on "Musings" since it seems vaguely casual, but also might make you envision someone thoughtfully smoking a pipe while contemplating the inherent sexual prejudice of 17th-century French poetry. Or something.

Additionally, "Musings" sounds somewhat like "amusing," which I hope to be, somewhat like "music," which I hope to post, and is part of the title of one of my favorite running segments on Dirty Tackle: Random Musings of Footballers Before They Fall Asleep.

So there you have it. Off and running. Hoping to be posting with some regularity (I am unemployed, after all).

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